Notice HOA Board meeting set

A HOA Board Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 07:30 PM.

The Board will review ongoing projects, HOA processes, and plans for 2025.  An agenda has been attached to this broadcast message. We look forward to seeing you there!  See email for Zoom link details.

Neighborhood Garage Sale set for May 4, 2024 from 8a-1p

contact Sue H for more details.  Feel free to participate.

Update for neighbors 12-14-23

There are 2 immediate open positions on the Architectural Committee.  Please email if interested in joining.

Annual meeting minutes posted.

Make sure especially if you had auto draft set up that you are paying your dues to Neighborhood Management, Inc. and not to   Vision Communities since our management company changed Oct 1.

Update for neighbors 10-20-23

Board meeting minutes from Oct 2023 posted.

3rd quarter financials posted.

2024 approved budget posted.

updates to new management company made.

Turn in your proxies now deadline noon 10/27/23!

Annual meeting will be on Nov 2, 2023.  See email from the board on 10-15-23 for more details.

Update for neighbors 7-20.23

2nd quarter financials are posted.

directory updated for new copy please email the board.

Update for neighbors 5-19-23

May board meeting minutes posted.

See email for social event coming up in early June.

Congrats to all our graduating neighborhood seniors!

Update for neighbors 11-13-22

The Board of Directors of the Estates of Oak Run HOA, has called an open meeting of the HOA as follows:
Date:   Wednesday, November 16, 2022
Time:  8:00 pm
Meeting will be held via ZOOM.  See email for directions.
An ‘open’ meeting means that the members of the HOA have the right to attend, but not speak, at said board meeting.
The Agenda for the meeting is attached to the email.

Update for neighbors 11-11-22

Financials updated in Treasurer’s report section

Annual meeting minutes posted

Please check the pets section on the website and send all updates to Rhonda Carlton.

Update for neighbors 7-2-22

Board meeting on WEDNESDAY, JULY 6 at 7:00 PM

The Board Members will be meeting face-to-face.


In order to attend, homeowners please respond by emailing, along with your name and a preferred phone number, and you will receive a call to join the meeting just prior to its start.

See email for agenda.

Update for neighbors 2-26-22

Feb 23, 2022 board meeting minutes and updated board and committee information posted

Update for Neighbors 2-4-22

Dec 20, 2021 Board meeting minutes & Annual meeting 2021 minutes posted.

Both directories updated.

Update for Neighbors 1-1-22

Happy New Year Estates of Oak Run!

The new design standards can be found on the links page along with CCR and Bylaws.

The latest newsletter is posted under newsletters, enjoy reading.


Update for neighbors 7-24-21

EOR Homeowners,
I want to give everyone a status update regarding the land development on the property just west of our community.  I was in contact with both the Owner (Land Advisors) and Developer (Peloton Land) this past week.
Their planners have been working with the City on a zoning change request submittal, and it appears that they are on track to be on the schedule for the “Beverly Grove” project to be heard at one of the Planning & Zoning Commission hearings in August.
Once I hear anything definite, I will pass along further information to everyone soonest.
Dan Hubbard
EOR Board President


Update for neighbors 8-7-20

The Adare Grove project has been removed from the P&Z meeting next Tuesday.

We’ll keep you updated as the landowner expressed desire to get zoning change on the property and may be on a future P&Z meeting soon.

Update for neighbors 8-1-20

EOR Homeowners,

The City of Keller’s Planning & Zoning Commission has set the Public Hearing for  the development of Adare Grove for Tuesday, 11 August 2020 at 7:00 pm at Keller Town Hall at 1100 Bear Creek Parkway.  All are welcome to attend the meeting in person, as a physical presence can make an impact on the decision.

Homeowners living within the 300’ perimeter of the development received a formal notice from the City this past week.  A copy is attached for your review, along with a site map showing the properties within the 200’ & 300’ perimeter of the development.

Everyone is welcome to write letters in support or opposition to the proposed land use plan amendment and planned development zoning change.  Please note the following instructions:

  • Letters of Opposition from the Homeowners MUST be in writing in order to count.      (Emails will not be considered as written opposition)
  • All letters should be addressed to the following:  (letters can also be hand delivered to City Hall)
        Community Development
        c/o City of Keller
        100 Bear Creek Parkway
        Keller, TX  76244
  • It is also recommended that you send emails to the individual P&Z Commission members on Thursday or Friday, 6-7 August for a greater impact.  (Member email addresses can be found at the bottom of this letter)
  • Letters from twenty percent (20%) of the homeowners within the 200’ perimeter of the development are required to trigger a “super majority” vote (three-fourths) affirmative vote by the City Council is required to approve the zoning change application
  • Note: There are 32 properties which are within or are eclipsed by the 200’ perimeter line.  Therefore, 7 Letters of Opposition are required to trigger the “super majority” vote.

Letters MUST include the following:

  •   Reference to the particular development applications.  For the Adare Gove Application the reference numbers are:       Case Number:   LUP-20-0001, LUP-20-0002 & Z-20-0002
  • Definitively (and not conditionally) state your position For or Against a development application
  • Include your physical address and printed name(s) with signatures.
  • It must be submitted by property owners as indicated by the most recently approved municipal tax roll (On Feb. 5, 2013, City Council amended the UDC to clarify that “most recently approved municipal tax roll” shall mean the annual supplemental tax roll from Tarrant Appraisal District as amended by the most recent monthly update.)
  • The names must match the names on the most recently approved municipal tax roll and signatures must be provided (To be able to verify ownership, printed names and property addresses must also be provided.)
  • If the most recently approved municipal tax roll lists multiple owners for a parcel of land, all persons listed as owners of the property must provide signatures.

All letters must be submitted to the city’s Community Development Department no later than noon on the day of the scheduled public hearing; 11 August 2020.

Dan Hubbard

EOR Board President

Planning & Zoning Commission:

Place 1:  Bob Apke – email:

Place 2:  Gary Ponder (Chairperson) – email:

Place 3:  Tom Thompson – email:

Place 4:  Paul Alvarado – email:

Place 5:  Leslie Sagar – email:

Place 6:  Ralph Osgood – email:

Place 7:  Bob Stevens – email:

Alternate 1:  James F. Dawson – email:

Alternate 2:  Phillip Maxwell – email:

Community Development – email:

Here is the copy of the letter received from the City of Keller about this:  P&Z meeting 1

Update for neighbors 7-22-20

EOR Homeowners,

As promised, Wilbow has forwarded copies of the revised site plan and zoning narrative for the Adare Grove development, which they are submitting to the City’s Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission, and are attached below:

  1. Revised site plan that increases the tree conservation easement along the eastern boundary from 15’ to 20’
  2. Revised Zoning Narrative that includes:
    1. Commitment to build an 8’ wood fence along the eastern boundary for those homeowners who want one.  Any new fence built will be owned and maintained by the HOA.
    2. Commitment to supplement any gaps in the tree line inside the tree conservation area along the eastern boundary by planting trees or tall bushes
    3. Rear facing, 2ndstory window restriction on all homes backing to the eastern boundary must be frosted and be located at least 6’ above the floor level

There are no plans to have another video conference between the EOR Homeowners and Wilbow before the Public Hearing.  At this time, the Adare Grove development is expected to be on the August 11, P&Z meeting agenda.  We will keep you informed as we get closer to the meeting.

In the meantime, if you any questions, please contact Mr. Matt Johnson directly at: 972-994-1672 (office).


Dan Hubbard

EOR Board President


200720- Adare Grove Zoning Narrative w- changes highlighted (2) Adare Grove proposal site plan

keller zoning map

Update for neighbors 6-4-20

Austin Thomas neighbors backing the wooded property contact Steve Z about meeting this Sun.


Update for neighbors 6-1-20

There will be another Zoom meeting on the property to our west this Thursday, June 4.  Watch your email for details to attend.

The directory has been updated and posted once again.

Roof Color Notice from your EOR Board

When each of us entered into contract to purchase your home and went to closing, you signed for a copy of the Covenant for the Estates of Oak Run.  This Covenant will answer any questions you may have regarding the rules within this neighborhood.  For ease of locating, there is also a copy of the Covenants for the Estates of Oak Run on this website.

As far as what color shingles to install on your roof, below is the specific excerpt from our Covenant:

6 . 04. Roof. The Declarant and the Lot owners have agreed,and hereby agree, that the roof coverings on all Dwellings and other improvements on the Property must be consistent in appearance, quality and life-safety features, thereby benefiting all of “the Lots and the owners thereof..  Therefore, the roof covering for all houses and on any part of the Property shall be Timberline Ultra by GAF Corp, 25 year shingles, Class A fire rated/ approximately 240 pounds per 100 square feet,

and “Charcoal Blend” color, as determined by the Committee. The slope of the roof on any Dwelling shall not increase in height by less than six (6) feet per each twelve (12)linear feet.
It calls for shingles to be TIMBERLINE ULTRA BY GAF CORP. and the color “Charcoal Blend”.
The Timberline ultra by GAF has changed through the years.  Timberline now has Timberline Ultra HD and Timberline HD.   The new Timberline HD is the same shingle as what used to be called Timberline Ultra it is a 30 year shingle.   The new Timberline Ultra HD is what used to be their top of the line 50 year shingle.   The “Timberline HD”  meets all requirements to what is listed in our covenant.
The roofing contractors do not have a copy of our Covenant so it is the homeowners responsibility to demand they follow it.
Thank you,
EOR Board

Facebook group for HOA

We have our own Facebook group for the HOA!  Come join your neighbors at HOA Facebook group or you can find the link posted under “links” on our webpage.  It is a closed group so only approved neighbors will be allowed to join.